Keeping some kind of semi-domesticated plant life is something people have been doing since the beginning of time. And, since then, we’ve been trying to make the process easier and more productive. Whether you’re growing fountain grass or exotic herbs, I think you will find something on this list that will improve your gardening experience.

Sprinklers. The old standby for greener lawns everywhere, sprinklers can also be used in other situations. For example, if it’s a nice sunny day and the risk of water standing on the leaves is small, use a sprinkler to water your vegetable garden. You can also help young trees and shrubs get a good start by sprinkling them gently every warm, dry day.

Drip irrigation. Sprinklers are great for big areas, but what do you do when you just want to water a few specific plants? Drip irrigation might be the answer you seek. You can use these systems with basic timers or upgrade to a much more sophisticated system that will let you slowly drip water around the base of your plants, especially those that don’t like water on their leaves, or otherwise need individual care.

Native plants. There’s no such thing as a plant that needs no attention at all, but native plants come pretty close. Instead of having to fret over special care for plants that are delicate in your area, choose the ones that have spent generations growing there. For prairie dwellers, native grasses are a great start because those in the desert can do some pretty incredible things with barrel cactus and dramatic succulents. It’s always wise to pay a visit to your local nursery to ask what plants are native to your area.

Containers. From pots on the patio railing to gutters loaded down with strawberries, containers can make gardening so much easier. Start with the perfect soil mix, ensuring that drainage isn’t a problem, then add a little fertilizer and your favorite plants. Now you just have to water and watch those babies grow.

Vertical gardens. Climbing plants with vines in and on the ground tend to end up in a mess. Vertical gardening isn’t limited to these twining climbers. You can also hang levels of containers, allowing you lots of extra space for growing things. As with any containers, you are totally in control of the environment, but vertical gardening minimizes bending and kneeling. That, of course is a Win-Win!